Sunday, January 30, 2011

Talking Points 1: Media and Ideology

"Media professionals generally have little patience with the argument that the media are purveyors of ideology. Instead of seeing the media as places where behaviors are normalized and boundaries are created, those in the industry tend to argue that the images they produce and distribute simply reflect the norms and ideas of the public" p. 164

The above section of our first article resonated most with me as I read the 10 pages. There are numerous times when I have observed on television, advertisements, or in the newspaper certain images, discussions, or articles that make me think, "We as viewers/readers are just cogs in this Corporate Machine that is the Media." Here are 10 examples from 2010 that came to my mind:

1. Swine Flu Pandemic- was it just a ploy to make our Collective Nation forget about the Recession?

2. LeBron James' Decision- one of highest rated Cable Television Segments of all time. I bet you watched. I know I did. But why?

3. Two and a Half Men- funny show, but is that why the 2000's saw the highest percentage of single men since the Census began?

4. The Recession- more money spent at Chrstmas last month than last year. Sign of better times or simply an example of national apathy?

5. Jersey Shore- 'nuff said

6. Modern Family- funny show, but is that how today's family is supposed to consist of?

7. Central Falls Teachers and Deborah Gist- Are the teachers really to blame like the media wants all to believe, or is it the fact that the children who attend the schools come from poor socioeconomic homes and can't read?

8. Meet the Press- very knowledgeable panelists, but in the year 2010, still over 2 years away from President Obama's first term coming to a close, they are already shoving Mitt Romney down our throats. It isn't that I have a problem with Mitt Romney, but what bothers me the most is that they have such an influence over viewers, that sometimes I think they could promote Bozo The Clown and people would begin buying "Bozo for President 2012" buttons.

9. "This is It: The Michael Jackson Story"- He was an absolute loon, but the media always gave this guy a nice spin. From the News Coverage of his fans releasing doves when he was found innocent of sexual molestation to the live funeral on tv in '09, to the movie. I just keep wondering, "Why didn't Mother Theresa or Ghandi get this much attention when they died?"

10. Michael Vick's Redemption- "The comeback story of the Year." "A second chance on life." "After all he went through." The guy got caught running a terrible Dogfighting operation. He killed dogs in heinous fashions. HE GOT CAUGHT. He went to jail because HE is a murderer. Not because someone framed him. Not because he was innocent and wrongly convicted. Because HE committed crimes. So, why is this supposed to be such a feel-good story? Because it sells.

Thursday, January 27, 2011



My name is Ron DeSimone. I am in the Master's in Education: Teaching and Learning Program here at RIC. This was not a class that I originally had on my Plan of Study, but I am substituting it for one that is no longer available. I'm 32 yrs. old and I am in my 6th year of teaching, and 4th in Providence. After this semester, I have a couple of Summer Institutes to take and then one course in the Fall and I will be done. Well, hope all is well with everyone.


P.S. Hey January, don't let the door hit you on the way out:)