Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Girls Gone Bad: Talking Points # 9

Good Girls Gone Bad: Talking Points # 9

First let me say that I will welcome EITHER one:)

Now, I'm going to start off with a key quote:

""Nothing my boy did was anything any red-blooded American Boy wouldn't do at his age...What can you do? It's a testosterone thing."- this was a quote from a mother of one of the boys in the Spur Posse mentioned on page 207. Later, the girls who were "victims" of the Spur Posse were labeled as "Those girls are trash."

There is an obvious double-standard and I really do not know how this will ever be rectified. You see it all the time. Here are just some popular examples:

1. Ben Roethlisberger, 2- time Superbowl Champion Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
2. Rick Pitino, Hall of Fame Basketball coach
3. Tiger Woods
4. Bill Clinton
5. Kobe Bryant

In all of these cases the men mentioned above have been excused and really never missed a beat (except monetarily) and there will always be a large contingent that will say, "Oh, the girl seduced him," or "She knew who he was-she was after his money."

Take a look at this clip below from Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000). Tiffany Amber Thiesen (yes, Kelly from Saved By The Bell) replaces Shannon Doherty as Brandon and Brenda's long lost "Good Girl" cousin from Buffalo. She starts off as the "Goody-Two-Shoes Cousin" but has a "Dark Side." Luke Perry plays Dylan McKay, who is the "Bad Boy" of the show. What are the images you have of each as you watch this scene? We should look at this again in class on Tuesday night!

As far as the Atalanta clip- very well done. Good point about true love and based on the date of the clip, definitely a feminist statement at that time. Also, is it me or does Atalanta and Young John look alike?



  1. Very good point Ron. Ironically I'm watching the episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 where Valerie is chasing behind Dylan unbeknownst to Steve. Valeria's character is very edgy compared to the rest of the girls(even Kelly). She's "dating" Steve, sleeping with Dylan all the while make small advances to Brandon. Her good girl costume fools everyone.

  2. LMAO! Yup, I will admit that I watched that show every Wednesday night in the '90's. They covered so many themes. The best episode was when Donna got caught drinking at the Prom and they protested, "Donna Martin Graduates"

    See you tomorrow:)