Sunday, April 17, 2011

Twilight: Talking Points # 10

I saw Twilight when it first came to the theatres (girlfriend at the time made me see it with her- let's make that clear!)and I pretty much dismissed it as a Corny Vampire movie. However, now that I watched it again with a little purpose behind it, it did seem to have some valuable critiquing moments. I found two major themes that relate to this course:

1. The stages of Teenagehood (ie The Storm, Becoming)

Bella and her parents
Bella and Edward not fitting in with each other's groups

2. Male vs. Female Sexuality

Bella's desire for Edward
Edward having to "Resist" his urges

Edward As I watched this, for some reason I kept focusing on Edward, The Male, rather than Edward, The Vampire. Looking at Edward's character as "Male" allowed me to properly critique the issue of Teenagers. One of the glaring observations was Edward's fight to resist Bella. Even though the movie plays it off as Edward's prevention of Bella becoming a Vampire, I looked at it as his inner hormonal battle that most guys would lose. In fact at the end of the movie, Carlisle even says, "Use will power" when Edward sucks the venom from Bella.

Bella Aside from the obvious Bella= Princess and Edward= Prince, Bella's desire to be with Edward represents a teenage girl's desire to be with the mysterious/bad boy over the nicer boys who show an interest. Other than the above-mentioned observations, I don't really know what else to add. Maybe Ms. Grinner will enlighten me? LOL


  1. HI Ron, I have used your blog for my extended comments this week.

  2. Ron - really interesting how you looked at Edward as male for this. Allows for a different analysis of his character. Nice work.

  3. Hey Ron- why did you feel a need to justify why you saw Twilight at the beginning of your post, hm?? Lol...could be conditionings of masculinity that you don't even know are there!

    Nice work, I agree about how the teen sexuality is framed as Bella's desire and Edward's resistance to her, plus, she is furthermore framed as being responsible for his attraction to her...just like the reading on girls from last week said.

  4. LOL Clit Crusader. I think I wrote that just to be funny

  5. lol she really pulled out the big guns on you with that one ron and Deerdrea i agree with u 100%